Change. Evolution. Reinvention.


Individually and collectively we've been continuously evolving and adapting to new challenges and new opportunities since we first became one in 1995.

Our 18 year journey together has generated international recognition for the creativity we apply to the problems our clients ask us to help solve.

It has seen us imagine and establish new businesses and ventures that continue to deliver their own rewards. It has seen us grow, mature and expand our horizons personally and professionally. And now life has brought us to the point where our paths diverge.

As of now, smbolic inc. ends - and two new companies begin. While we're proud of our past and grateful for the collective experiences that have brought us so far, we're each ready to move into the next phases of our creative lives with passion and purpose.

It's been a great 18 years. Each of us is excited about sharing what's next.

Greg, Dave, Kevin, Pat, Skot, Pamela

Find us individually at our new contact numbers:

Greg Samata
Samata LLC
847-428-0001  o
847-902-8601  m

Dave Mason
MULTIPLE | Chicago
312-846-6944  o
847-902-8602  m

Kevin Krueger
MULTIPLE | Chicago
312-846-6944  o
847-217-7211  m

Pat Samata
Samata LLC
847-428-0001  o
847-902-8628  m

Skot Waldron
MULTIPLE | Atlanta
678-691-2705  o
630-267-7098  m

Pamela Lee
MULTIPLE | Vancouver
604-684-6060  o
604-328-9520  m


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